Bennett / Jennings

Traduction : Srikrisnan Srinivasan
Translation : Srikrisnan Srinivasan


We hope you enjoy reading the characters of the students who stay at Linbury Court. Here is a small introduction on Jennings, his companion Darbishire, and their friends who take part in the exctiement of the life at Linbury Court... which is not necessarily a lovely place for wild,rowdy boys like Jennings !





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Jennings ! A fun-loving boy ! Brown hair, a little crazy, 10 - 11 years. Speaking of Jennings might take us really far. Jennings characterises himself by his liveliness, his wit as well as his extraordinary power to invent... anything and everything ! There is no knowing as to what Jennings will think of next ! Unfortunately, his ideas, and his inventions, almost always result in catastrophic ending... Often, and unknowingly, he gets himself into impossible situations. Luck, which is most of the time in favour of him, and his friends come on several occasions to his rescue ! At times, and quite often, even his friends and teachers become victims to his jokes and fun... boys will be boys, won't they ? Is it necessary to precise that even his inventions work in favour of him ? He has an excellent character ; is an honest boy, a good friend to have and is responsibility conscious. And perhaps Linbury Court would not be the same without John Christopher Timothy Jennings !



Mortimer / Morty


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Darbishire, Darby ! Blond-coloured hair. He wears a pair of spectacles with thick glasses that are almost always dusty. A faithful friend ! One needs courage, in order to always be able to follow Jennings ! And yet, Darbishire is as different from his companion as a cactus is different from wild strawberries ! Darbishire is hardly keen on adventures. But he is fond of his exuberant pal. So he follows him, predicting catastrophic events, and dragging his legs ! Darbishire would love to be first in many things, if it were not for Jennings. So he is happy coming second to his mate. He never leaves Jennings in a soup and often takes his defence. Not at all easy, to help a Jennings who keeps getting into impossible situations almost every minute !


Wilkinson / Wilkie

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Mr Wilkins, Wilkie for the boys... L. P. Wilkins, Leopold Prosper Wilkins. He carefully hides this royal first name of his, out of fear that his students make fun of it. A strong personality, he smokes pipes. Wilkins is a hurricane ! He is often not able to understand children, these "little rascals" ! Hardly an hour goes by without Wilkins getting into a wild temper. Discipline is discipline ! If these naughty boys were let to do what they like... ! But under these ferocious looks, the teacher hides a golden heart. All the man asks is to enjoy a nap in his arm-chair, eat peacefully, take rest... Why must the inevitable Jennings, and his no lesser unavoidable companion Darbishire, ask silly questions, or turn the school up side down ? And why is it always he, Wilkins, is the one who is to fall victim to the boys' tricks and pranks ? Pushed to the limits, all he can produce is this astonishing sound, "I… I…Corwhumph !" His impatience and his temper sometimes play tricks on him, and it happens that he is in the wrong. He then desperately tries his best to make up for his muddling up... Mr Wilkins admits his mistakes... and tries to mend them. He is not very patient, so it is advisable to stear clear of him. Something that Jennings does not know to do ! He is therefore the "black sheep" in the teacher's eyes.



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Mr Carter is a young teacher. Much more calm-headed than his colleague Mr Wilkins ! He assists the principal. He understands the boys much better, and often thinks that they are too young to understand their pranks. He is easier to approach than the other teachers. He answers calmly, sometimes hiding a smile... He does not hesitate in giving more freedom to the noisy boys and accepts to break the iron rules, if there is a good reason behind. Understanding, he knows that it is difficult to master the energy of his young beings. He sometimes takes his colleague Wilkins from difficult situations, with a touch of humour. The students often resort to him, for he is the most lenient of the teaching staff.



Pemberton - Oakes


Mr Permberton-Oakes is the principal of Linbury Court. He rules over the pupils, the teachers, the employees, the buildings. His icy cold nature makes him somebody who is more fearful than Mr Wilkins himself. Even so, he is not totally against good initiatives ! And he has his own ideas about education... how else could an ex-Oxford student be ? With Mr Carter, he has useful conversations which often end up profitably for the children.





Atkins    Bromwich   Briggs   Rumbellow   Morrison    etc...

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A whole set of pupils who turn around Jennings and Darbishire. Friends or foes, they are generally good companions on whom to rely. There are many problems, but that is what boarding life is all about, isn't it ?




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Linbury Court. The school welcomes up to 70 boys. Old school, ancient but remarkable building. A park, gardens, playgrounds, a whole world of annexe buildings which are on the permitted area where children are not tolerated. This entire heaven for children belongs to the boys. Dormitories, class rooms, common rooms, dining rooms, are all the various theatres of their exploits. Attics, terraces, garages, boiler rooms